Wednesday, November 16

#81: Today I believe

I love the date of today. And this is one thing I shouldn't say. But I'm writing because I feel like writing, though I have no idea how can I express the feelings flowing inside of me. I'm too overflown by gratefulness. Gratitude is the word that describes me best, right now.
I've remembered an old obsession, that I'm positively sure is over now. But I've went through all that I've written about it. How true it was, and still it is. And how feelings can change in a tremendous way like this and become solid again after a huge quake?! But I'm happy. I'm happy I'm positive about my feelings. I'm happy that I know it and I can put a strict, non-gray, definition for it. I'm happy I have come to a belief and a realization, that sometimes what the heart wishes for doesn't come true in the same picture the heart has put for itself. That dreams do come true but reality has a different screen. Only smart people can know the difference and relate to it. I'm happy, not confused, not frustrated and not sad over a lost wish, for I haven't ever lost it. I'm not having illusions, I'm not letting go of dreams. I'm reshaping dreams, to fit my reality. I'm accepting.

And that's how I feel and what I've learnt to believe today.

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