Friday, November 25

#85: You wouldn't understand

It's like I'm okay till I get to remember you! And, it doesn't end there, it goes all the way to you and your life. What hurts the most is knowing that your life is good and you're happy, but I'm not the reason. I, then, ask myself: Where am I? Did you ask yourself such a question?!

That place didn't fit me. I don't fit to those people or to their lives. Like they are in pace with each other, each one has an update and a story to tell. But I'm totally out of pace, I'm quite. But I do so much believe that each one has a totally different life than the other, and it's not necessary to have a life like theirs, I just need to have a life. I only have a dream of  life.  [Read this! It's important. The picture is from there too.]

Another friend of mine got married today! Wow,  I'm really so happy for her, she deserves the best! =))

And after all, I've enjoyed a warm family dinner. It was so pleasing and sweet, just like years ago. Oh, I have so much that I miss.

Well, I want to apologize for a lot of things. First, that I'm not here as frequent as I'm supposed. Second, that I talk about irrelevant stuff. Third, my life is so messed up and it really can't hold anything more to mess it and make it impossible for me to live. So, I'm sorry!

And where the hell are you?!!

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Salma Hossam said...

yes.. where the hell are you?! =D =))

what's really weird, that I think one day we can join some famous records for being Mirrors to each other all that way, however the contradiction of Logic! :D :))