Sunday, November 27

#87: Jar of hearts (A different Jar...)

You break hearts, and you fix them. You make hearts beat fast in happiness and in grief. Hearts can easily fall on your hands. Like butterflies, you gather them in jars. And you don't even know it. Or maybe you do. But it's beautiful, too beautiful to be true. Because it's never your fault, it's the hearts' fault for falling inside your jar. The funny part is that you keep the jar open for hearts to break free, but they don't, they love staying inside, because, honestly, it's warm and beautiful. And it's beautiful because you really take good care of the hearts which fall inside your jars. But sometimes you skip and miss a heart or two, maybe you haven't noticed them falling or you just thought they flew away, this is the only time you break a heart. It's wonderful how hearts come looking for you though you haven't called for any at all. It's wonderful how hearts seek your help, though you don't look like a one who mends broken hearts, still you fix the hearts by just being you, by a smile and a joke. You're amazing and wonderful and it's nothing new. Collecting your jar of hearts...

She wonders how.
Well it is wonderful.
And I truly wonder too..

But somewhere inside me, my heart can tell, easily, what it really wishes for. My heart would love to be trapped inside a jar where it'd be the only heart there. My heart wants a to be trapped in a jar which is sealed perfectly to make sure that my heart would never fly away, even if the jar was cold or a little imperfect. My hearts wishes for a jar which changes itself regularly to fit my heart; a jar where my heart is the only heart it's made for!

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