Wednesday, November 16


It's November. I haven't mentioned this before, I know, and we have already passed the first half of the month. But since the first of November and I have been thinking about it. About November. There's something unique with it. Like the movie "Sweet November", November is sweet for me. Maybe because it holds some events those are dear to my heart, actually they are just two. Maybe it just sounds sweet. But there is more. November comes in between autumn and winter. I don't normally call November a month of the winter, because mostly, here in Egypt, it's still not that cold in November, but it starts to chill a little with a nice warm winter breeze (it's actually a cool breeze, but it's warm in its feelings). This year, it rained in November, such a happy thing to be added to the month. Or maybe the secret lies in the fact that it is the month before the last in the year, like the happy moments which come just before a dramatic end. November feels like a start and an end at the same time, it's hard to explain how this feels like but that feeling exists. November holds a number of beautiful wonderful contradictions. November is elegant and charming, like a noble man, not just a gentleman. Totally unlike December. December is a cold blooded brutal man with no feelings at all. December is harsh! But November is just beautiful.

I just couldn't skip November and let it pass, without recording my love for it. My sweet November! 

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Salma said...

and this how I love you when describing things =) ... just brilliantly simple =)