Tuesday, December 6

#92: Outstanding

Watching the world from behind through a small window...

Sometimes I see myself living in a world to which I don't fit. The friends I say I have and the people I say I belong to, sometimes I see that they don't represent the real me. I'm not like them. But here comes a question: Why do I seek to fit in while I can easily stand out?! If I see myself different than them, then that's a privilege. Everyone seeks to be unique and tries to find something that makes him recognizable from the rest, something where only his name is mentioned when the conversations come to that thing; he's the only one for it! But then comes another question: How can I stand out?! Sometimes I seem to know the exact answer to that question, and other times, which are more, I just don't. And here is where I am stuck. Because trying to fit in, though it's a lovely place to fit in, is not working for me. I'm born to stand out. And standing out, for me right now, is a bit hard and kind of impossible to reach. But because nothing is ever impossible, so I do truly believe that one day I'll stand out high and tall!

Note: I miss you so much beyond your imagination! I miss you in a way I never thought of. I miss you being in my life, my dear friend! And jealousy knocks on my door every now and then, when I see another friend kind of closer to you than me! I miss you!

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Salma Hossam said...

enty 3arfa tab3an eh aktar 7etta 3agabetny :D:D :))