Sunday, December 11

#94: Shocked

With a mix of pride, contentment, tiredness, enjoyment, laughter, walking, easiness, and lots of happiness around me, I had a happy day today. Sadly it ended with a big disappointment, and a shock. When I found myself like a fool who can't understand a thing as I have I no idea what they were talking about! Though I thought I'd be the first to know before anyone else could know anything at all. I was hurt, deeply, because I could have never imagined that coming from you, you: the one who I thought together we were inseparable. Now it's like we are strangers! ... I'm shocked!

I wonder whose fault is that? Mine? Because I disappeared for a while, because i walked out of the picture for just some little minutes? Why haven't you called me to get back into the picture quickly?!
I'm desperately in need of an answer to the question: "What happened to us? What brought us to here?"

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May El-Dardiry said...

You just spoke my mind :) Thanks =)