Friday, December 16

#96: Well...

Well, no one is perfect, you know. And I'm striving to be perfect, I mean good at least, or maybe I can hit it and be great one day. But I strive and work hard for it, I really do, this is one thing you should know and keep in mind.

So don't try to judge me or think how I can be. 
      And don't make it hard for me to speak and tell what's in my heart.
And be a friend who listens, shares and then guides. 
Be the picture I'm trying to draw for you in my mind.

Because sometimes I really need a friend, a friend who is me when a friend is needed.
And I keep looping around and settling to the fact that no friend is good for me but Me.

In the end, May Allah guide "Me" to the right path. Because in the end no one will guide me except Allah...

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Salma Hossam said...

When I first read it, i imagined you saying the words... then before i ended it I could imagine another one saying the same words... then finally I read it again and I could hear my voice agreeing on the meanings...

Although it's not like every time else, the mirrors effect still working =))

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