Wednesday, December 21

#98: However

It so hard like a rock that if it falls on you, you'll die! When you know that you've been replaced. Or that's how you think. When you reserve for someone a large portion of your heart, but then you're faced with the fact that that someone never came to fit in that place in your heart.

However, the past sentences don't represent how I feel right now. Because I'm so happy, I'm deeply drown into happiness. Because memories have been recalled today for me. Because, today, words from the heart were spread everywhere. Because I love and I'm loved back. Because I have faith, and I have hopes. And I can smile and can make others smile too. Well, I won't be fair to describe it more. Because it should be felt and not told.

However again, somethings are still repeating themselves up, some hurtful, heart-breaking stuff! But here I am, strong and bright and happy and willing to fight.

I was about to go, but I have this on my mind: Maybe you don't know who I'm really am. There are still somethings that you haven't really got about me. I still hope that one day you will. 

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Salma Hossam said...


"But here I am, strong and bright and happy and willing to fight." (Again) :))