Tuesday, December 27

#100: Chasing

Time isn't enough for me to write all that I want to say. Not because they are a lot, but because they vanish from my mind. My mind couldn't hold them long enough. But one day I'll remember and I'll say and write them again. I haven't lost my hope. Not ever I will.

Chasing opportunities. That's a hard "thing". Because you never know if it's an opportunity or not. You never know if it's the one you're meant to catch or not. You just don't know what's coming next and what's hidden, so you can't easily decide and catch it as it flies. Because they do fly, opportunities fly in a glimpse of an eye. But they only fly if you let them fly, because they do come to you and stop for a while, long enough for you to decide if you truly and sincerely want to catch them or not. Yes, again and again, it's up to you, it's totally left for you to decide.

I love it here, and I've missed it a lot!

P.S: That's my 100th day to tell, and it really is a turning point in my life.

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