Thursday, December 29

It's a risk...

My today's life lesson is: Don't you ever be afraid., EVER! Because, well, what are you gonna lose anyway? Everything, literally everything, in this life is risky. Staying at home, where you think you're safe, is risky. And going out doing adventurous stuff is also risky. Hiding your identity from everyone is risky, and so is showing yourself up to the public. Everything in this life is a risk, it's a matter of a choice. Your choice. I keep running around and trying to find a way out of this but I stumble upon the same fact every time. It's You, it's all up to you. Your choice and there's no one else to help you except you. Act like it and stop forgetting it! And also, any choice you'll make, besides that it's only Your choice, it's also a right decision. No one has the right to blame you, as long as it only concerns you, or you are a part of it, and that it's nothing that would make God angry. Because you really are shouldn't be Afraid of anything except Allah. Yes it's the most truest fact. So don't be afraid. Find any other excuse for why you are not doing something other than that you are afraid. Fear should not be an option any longer. Fear is not an excuse!

It's a risk that you'll probably regret not taking it!

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