Friday, December 9

A letter

Dear friend,

Seeing us getting far away from each other is killing me. I can come up with many reasons like maybe because we were inseprable and... I know you're busy, I totally understand what has been keeping you away and I can give you your space and let you live your life freely. But here's the thing, I've been waiting for you. There's where I went wrong. Because you haven't come to me when you could, or maybe u did, but just not hard enough. And it's all been my mistake because I'm the one who has been waiting, expecting. I'm the one who is not moving on with my life freely, i still dwell on the times when we were inseprable. But you have a total different life now and you're over those times.

I couldn't tell you this face to face because, I know it's not your fault and it's out of your hands. I just want you to know that i really care so much that it aches! ...

Will love and miss you forever,
Your faithful friend.

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1 comment:

Salma Hossam said...

oh! u surprised me!

and as usual.. mirrors! =)