Wednesday, January 4

#104: I've lost it!

I'm really sorry, really sorry.

Because I've been better. I am better.I know that.

Just, I can't! I can't be better now. I'm lost, too lost.

Like I'm left in the middle of the sea, all alone, with no wind to sail the boat!

And I'm wondering! Who am I? What I do? And what made me get on this boat?!

If only I can go back in time!

Well, I don't know exactly what would I have done?! But I'm sure I would have tried harder.

I would have tried harder to save myself from getting on that boat while there's no wind to sail it.

Or maybe I would have fought harder to get some air to help me cross this huge, appearing calm, ocean.

I would have been different. I wish I were different, just a little bit!

--Today, all I had in mind is:
Have I just lost all of my five past years? Because somehow, right now, I'm not proud of who I was during them? 

Will anything change soon?!

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