Friday, January 20

#108: One thing

I understand that it has been long since I last talked or felt anything.

I understand that sometimes life takes us away from the things we want to stick to.

I understand that we lose control over the simplest things in life.

And I understand that sometimes, just like now, everything can go blank like it has never been before.

That sometimes it's okay to break down, to get some rest, or to wait a while. Just wait.

I, also, understand that some simple words could do the whole job and a few lines can tell a lifetime story.

That there is nothing to worry about, nothing is worth worrying about, except one thing.

One thing that you know well, it's the one thing you are living for.

And I understand that that one thing is worth dying for, not just living.


1 comment:

Salma Hossam said...

Yes :) Only One Thing.. :))) <3