Wednesday, January 11

#107: Sometimes...

Sometimes I really wish I could escape the real world, stay stuck in a dream or a movie I love to watch. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't wake up from my sleep or that this moment right now never ends. Sometimes it's really hard and I'm too tired to face my life, so I back down and hide for a while. Sometimes I'm even too lazy to sleep and get ready for a better tomorrow and have a fresh start! Is it a fear of the future? Maybe. But I move on anyway, that's life, I'm stuck in my reality and I have to deal with it.

And all that talk about you have to change your reality if you don't like it, well I'm trying really hard to fight myself and how it dwells me into never changing my life. And here's something, I came now to tell that to you, because I want to change, because I have to!

At least all I can do is to try and think about it over and over till I figure it out!

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