Friday, January 6

#105: الحركة بركة*

Yesterday is not coming back, however bad or good it was, it ends at the moment we fall asleep. And tomorrow is a new day to come, that's a fact you can't run away from. By new I mean that it's totally unpredictable, even if you can do some guessing, you can never be sure, never! But today is your day, the only day you have a full control of. Today starts the minute you wake up; and then you have a choice to make at the minute you open up your eyes and get fully conscious. It's a decision whether you'll gladly accept today, the day that's given to you to be in full control of it, or you'd throw it away. It's your choice.

Today I've chosen to do, get out and just go get what I want! Today was like a dream coming true, what happened in every minute of the day and how I felt was just indescribable. Hope spoke to me today, it whispered into my ears and said that it's looking upon me. Then some very true friendship came along to say that it exists really hard and that I shouldn't worry because I'll find it supporting every time I needed a one.

I really wish I can talk to you about every thing, just everything, and how special it was and everything! But, this I'll keep for me. I don't want to say...except that it made me happy.

My most happiness comes due to the fact that my heart is so determined in a way that amazes me. My heart is not blind, not this time. I know. And I really hope from all of my heart that I'm right!

However, you make me happy!

*This title is my theme for today.

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Salma Hossam said...

You make me Happy ^_^

ربنا يسعدك دايما يا سلمى :)