Wednesday, February 1

#110: You're running out of time!

"I have nothing to do about it. 
Talking him through it is imposible for me and for her, 
not now at least, not at the moment."

Sometimes there's literly nothing to do and nothing to say except to pray.
Pray hard and deep from your heart that things might get better one day, sooner I hope.

Because time is passing by and one day it'll be too late for a change to happen. One day everything will go away. One day we'll all die and there won't be any more time to undo what we have done. One day our life will be over and we wouldn't have the chance to set it right, not ever again.

Life is indeed short!

So start now, right now at this very moment, and decide to set everything right and straight. Your relation with your family, your friends  and your loved ones. Your relation with your mates at work or at school. Your relation with starngers, and your attitude all over your life and towards every tiny detail in it. Even your relation with yourself! And your relation with God.

Take time to reconsider and rethink about every little detail in your life. Time passes by, so faster than you and than anyone else. You may never know what may happen tomorrow, you may never know what may happen the next minute. Be smater than this, you are smarter, and put yourself under your control. No one can do this better than you, and you're running out of time.

It's never too late, until it's already late. So be careful, act wisely, and be smarter than yourself.

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