Thursday, March 15

#120: Totally different and sweeter taste

It was strange, to me, that feeling I felt the minute I saw your face. It was like an unexpected reaction coming out of me, I was taken by the surprise that it can happen, and that easily. And then another one, very odd feeling, very relieving and breath taking feeling, the first time I saw your smile and your laugh. Then this one, the one that I can't believe how I could feel it, the one that proves to me that true and real love has a totally different and sweeter taste when it comes in its right moment, that true love is so much worth the wait, even if I'll wait forever. But the strangest of them all was that feeling I had, the next day, where I could sense you anywhere I went to, or whenever my phone rang!

And I've no idea what does this all mean? Is it just a thrill of something new? Is it a soul finding its peace somewhere near? Or is it just a sign that there's something much better left for me, than what I thought I can just settle for? Or am I that easy to get attached?!

شايفة الحياة متزوقة, مزاجي حلو مروقة*
*معقولة من أول لقى حاسة إني عارفاك من سنين

But then I realize that some people don't truly deserve the feelings being driven to them, that people sometimes aren't really who we think they are. And such people waste our emotions and feelings; and these aren't things that could be easily wasted, not ever.

So be cautious and don't fall when you are supposed to walk straight. Don't follow whenever it says "follow". And don't drive emotions before you get to understand to where they'd be driven. 

That's life. It tells you to give unconditionally when you shouldn't, and then it blames you for your insanity!

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Salma said...

I remember when we firstly sang this song =) I had the same feeling then =)
and What I believed, still believing and wanna you too believe, that "it is just a sign that there's something much better left for you" ... may be this is your better, and maybe there is something much more better than this too, and btw you're not that easy to get attached (as I know you well) =);)