Sunday, April 1

#126: Submission

All my life I've been trying to put my life on track, and I keep failing. But I come back another day, and I try again. For I believe one day I'll find the track I'm looking for.

But then you come along, and you ruin my life. And all my trials and all my plans, wishes, and hopes get smached in front of my eyes. And I take time, a lot of time, to get myself glued back together.

But when I finally manage that, you find another way to break me. I've let you do so, I know. And I'm still letting you, I know.

But you keep telling me you're doing this for me. I believe you. I believe I'm selfish enough if I don't believe you. And it's all your fault. You've lead me into submission.

And I've lost myself in you. No that is not a good thing. And no, you won't give up.

But I won't stop praying. I won't give in. And I'll keep trying, till death do us part. That's a promise I can keep!

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