Sunday, May 20

#132: A lot to say..

A refreshing and a recharging night, that was it, seeing my old friends today. It's like as if I've been locking my mind and refusing to think of what I need. I've needed badly to be with you, but I've never thought you'd have such an effect on me. Thank you friends, your presence is usually appreciated, never leave me alone please.

Somethings are not meant to be sought. Like appreciation, when you seek it, it runs away. So, be smart enough and never seek appreciation, never seek love, and never seek respect. Instead, do! Do appreciate the good things in your life, and those who bring a meaning into your life, love everyone and everything around you, and respect yourself and others. It comes back to you, believe me. But never ask for it and never seek it, that just won't work.

Am I back? Am I truly back? I mean, I'm having a very stressful time at my work, and at my career, currently, but I'm okay and doing just fine. Or was I not good enough because I wasn't stressed? Am I like that fish which gives out its best just when it's running away from the shark? Or am I truly changing?! I hope for the best. I always do.

I'm experiencing life alone, I have no guidance or a friend to lean on. It's not like before, when you were there to tell me what have I done wrong and what should I do right. But I'm not afraid, I'm everything but afraid! Because I believe I'm not alone, I'm just having a different companion, the perfect one, that all He needs from me is a strong faith, and it's not usually that easy to keep up such a faith, but I'm learning hard to be up to this companionship that Allah has offered me.

All I need is your prayer that Allah may guide me to the right path, طريق الحق.

"أليسَ الله بكافٍ عبده"

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