Friday, May 18


A year and two days ago, I've said:
"One can't live without having what's worth living for.

As one tale ends so another begins; and as each day is a new tale to be told, each day is a day to learn and know more, each day is a day to dream and hope.  Then each day deserves to be written.

And I'll commit to writing everyday. I'll commit to what's worth living for. Let's call it a project that I'll be working on and you're helping me. Let's say I'll be writing my next whole year, everyday over here.

And together we'll help and support, we'll learn and know, we'll inspire and change, we'll share thoughts and insights and we'll face life with a smile even when it keeps frowning."

So, Happy Anniversary dear blog, my daydreams.

And though I've promised to write my whole past year, I didn't keep my promise. I've only written less than half a year. However, I'm not to say that the project has failed, and I'm not here to announce the end of the project. It's still going on, my days to be written. And one day I'll write my 365 day and complete a whole year of writing. I'm not the guy who gives up upon his dream.*

I have, as well, an announcement to make. I'm happy. My hiding doesn't mean I'm not feeling well or that I've given up on writing. Though that was the case at the start of my absence, but then things have changed, I've changed, and I'm happy now. I admit I'm no longer the person I used to be. And I also admit that I've no idea how bad or how good have I changed. But I'm different, and change is always good, as long as it's accompanied with happiness and satisfaction. I think I might be even going to a better place than where I was before, I'm just not there yet. And I even have a clue, there's a thing that I usually do unconsciously when I'm happy, when I get that adrenaline rush of happiness, I run, I run fast with a big smile on my face. And I've run for long two days ago. And every time I get a flash back about that what triggered my adrenaline rush, I smile, secretly, same like I did before. The only difference is that this time I'm happy for the right reasons, for the truest reason of I why I should be happy. However, I'm getting better, and I'm taking my happiness into another level. I'm on my way, yes alone and yes with a huge enthusiasm. So wait for me, just wait. Things might just fall into place, once again.

"We'll face life with a smile even when it keeps frowning." won't be just a sentence anymore. I promise, and this time I'll try harder to keep my promise.

Please forgive me if I had ever made you feel bad or angry. And your prayers are needed, whenever you remember me just say: "May Allah guide her to the right path, to the path of happiness, and to heaven."   

*I know I'm a girl, I just wanted my words to sound strong and sincere enough. :)

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