Monday, May 14

#131: A meaningless post!

It's just .. still .. meaningless! Whatever I would say would be meaningless. And this is a true awful feeling. To never have a meaning out of anything you say!

I've been waiting for too long to not to write what I'm writing now. But I couldn't wait longer. This is not what I want to say, and this is not how I think I want to look like. This is not me, and this is not who I dreamed to be. Though yes, from some certain few angles, it does look like me, but overall I think I'm not the one I think I am. See, there's a huge difference between who I'm actually am, who I wish to be, and who I work hard to become. Three different persons, and they are all me! I've talked a lot about me, which I hate! Which is meaningless!

This isn't right.
But I'm still posting!!  


Salma Hossam said...

Please Keep it :)

Because even what you thing is meaningless, it's a feeling, state, that someone somewhere some how share it with you :) it's something relieving however seems losing, but it is not :)

You taught me that we write what we want regardless what it is, regardless who would read/listen regardless all, we write for the sake of our soul peace :) we write because the best about writing is keeping it! :))

and posting, is sharing.. and I do love your shares .. actually i'm grateful to it :)) because if not for them, I won't discover how mirrors we are so far! :D

just sharing what you feel, not what you think it's right :)

Love You

Salma said...

You made me speechless .. :) :$ <3
LOVE YOU way more! :)