Friday, June 1

#135: Plans

Life is beautiful, indeed! Life has a lot of beautiful things out there waiting for me to enjoy. It was me, I was the one who wasn't getting the beauty of life and spending my life hiding under my bed. Then I figured out why I'm hiding, it's because I making myself believe that I have no idea how I shall enjoy the life I wish to enjoy. And this is a lesson I can pass to you, never make yourself believe things that aren't true! Don't assume before you learn very well if your assumption has a huge possibility of being right or not. However, I must admit I have some clues and I'm getting the rest soon. 

Everyday is a day to remember, to learn, to enjoy, to live and so to dream... 
So, yes, everyday deserves to be written. But it's the will to write that matters, because sometimes you may have a lot of things to talk about, yet you don't want to talk, and sometimes you have nothing at all to say, but you do manage to say something just because you do have the will to speak! And it happens that I have this will nowadays. Yet, I'll stick to my no-promises principle, for the time being. Because I've come to know that I'm not the person who commits to promises and deadlines, but I never forget! I never forget what was asked from me, I never forget what I have to do and what I have promised to do, I never forget my wishes and my dreams. So I never give up on them, I just think too much before taking any actual step towards achieving them. One day I'll run after my dreams, and one day I'll arrive.

So, see... I'm back and I guess I have an idea about what I wish to say, and it doesn't matter to me any more the effect of what I might write. But I do have some rules, for myself. Rule #1: If I don't feel like writing, I won't write. Rule #2: If I think what I'll say is destructive, to me, I won't write. Rule #3: If I happen to take a long pause, then it doesn't mean that I've quit, not at all. Rule #4: There are no more rules! =)
A side note: Writing the above rules made me think deeply about the art of setting rules. If I'm setting rules about what and when should I write, shall I say all the cases of what and when I'll write, or the cases, the odd cases, of when and what I won't write?! Confusing, right?
I have a lot of readings to do, my to-read list is piling up. I'm thinking about sharing my reading list with you, I haven't made up my mind yet though. But this is the link I'm hanging upon, because as I read as I'll write. So expect a lot of lessons learned and reflections about what I read.

One day I'll make it to the end, I believe. 

Stay safe, and happy, and Enjoy every moment!
Don't ever stop praying ;)

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