Monday, June 4

#136: A lot of gratefulness

I'm blessed. Truly a lot! :) .. "Rabbena beyhebek" (Allah loves you) were the words I heard today from a very dear friend, and they were the light that lit my heart and mind. I'm blessed to have this friend to make me realize this fact and be sure of it. Because it's true.
"Once a day, Love asked Friendship: 'Why do you exist when I already do?' Friendship replied: 'To put a smile where you leave tears.'" - Anonymous
A very old quote, I've first read it back when I was at high school and I've loved it ever since then. And it applies with every situation when a wrong love relationship leaves a scar. Indeed, friends are a great blessing. Specially those who can get you well, the way you that affects you, and help you walk the right path. Luckily, I'm blessed with those friends. All along my way I find them, many thanks to Allah. :)

I've been in a lot of pain. A pain I even couldn't recognize or admit. And I hadn't found a helping hand, I thought I was alone. No one cared enough to keep asking how was I doing and passing my days. And I'm not the person who picks up the phone, call a dear friend, and start whining and crying. Though I have done that, a couple of times, and it did work, I did find the perfect listener and a loving friend, but I couldn't repeat this every time I felt a true heart ache. Because I do believe that everyone is fighting a hard battle and no one would be interested in my ridiculous redundant words or tears. So I kept my space and I stopped talking, even to myself. And I began to search for the one and only healer, and I've found Him. I'm still searching and learning. And He's still beside me, He hasn't left me ever and will never leave me, I believe. So, today He sent me a reminder. Today, on the day when my heart started inciting me to give up the fight and dwell back on the false emotions. He sent me a dear old friend. And there's always a thing about old friends, a beautiful feeling and relief that it's okay to talk to them and seek their help. And He didn't just do that. He also brought our friendship together back in place. And I won't let it skip our hands easily ever again.

How can I not love Him? How can I not be grateful?! :')

And guess what?! She, my friend, advised me to write. To write all the things that have broken my heart, and all the reasons why I've decided to fight, so that I read them every time my heart tries to tell me to give up! I wonder why I haven't thought of that. I really didn't. I was trying to hide, from all this mess. However, you can run all your life, but you can never hide.

Enjoy life, people.
Don't ever stop believing :)

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