Wednesday, June 6

#137: Unconditional

There are those few people whose happiness is what makes me happy, and thier sadness makes me sad and frustrated. They fill my whole life and add meanings to it. We are connected by the truest definition of love.

And I start thinking, that indeed life is worthless without true people around you who you share with a true mutual love. Love that has no interests at all, not in this life or even in the afterlife. All you need is to see them smiling, and to throw away thier miseries.

And I'm blessed with true love. For I haven't felt this feeling I get nowadays for long. The feeling of care and love towards a lot of people, the feeling of being responsible about their emotions, as if they are my own. And I've missed that.

Love is wonderful, isn't it? :)

On a side note, I'd like to tell you about my little sister. Well, yes I actually don't have sisters, but this dear friend, she's more than a dear friend. She's my little sister! It's a feeling I never had for anyone, not just the feeling of sisterhood, but also the feeling of having a huge emotional responsibility about another being. I care about her, I worry about her, I seek her happiness, I understand her mistakes, I pray for her, like she really is my little sister. :)

On another side note, I send a message to a very dear old friend saying: You've no idea how your presence in my life has made me a happy and a better person. I'm glad you're back.

And my advice to you, dear reader. Always keep true friends around you. If you can't find them, then pray hard to get them. And once you do, once you fall in that unconditional love, never let go. :)

Try as well to solve this riddle. What is the one thing that has no conditions at all and that is its only condition?

Be happy! ;)

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