Thursday, November 8

#144: Focus

There's just nothing to talk about. Nothing at all!

That's how I get to feel sometimes.Because I think there's only one truth about this whole life. And it's the only thing that's worth talking about and even thinking about. So let's focus on this only truth. Let's face it. Let's let it control our lives and it becomes our whole life, our life's main purpose.

So here you are, doing your best to focus and think of what only really matters. And it's not as hard as it may seem. You actually manage to focus, maybe only when you're really too tired of life, for a couple of minutes, and sometimes even for a whole complete hour.

But then you get bored. You want to drink something, eat something, watch TV, or you maybe just want to sleep. And b-ooo-h! You're back to the life you've been living. You're back to the misery- or the joy!!

Well no, life isn't as bad as I may sound, but it isn't as good as it felt in that last hour. Because you've been badly trying to seek a better life, a better place, where you can find peace and constant happiness.

So yes, your life is a misery, at least when you don't focus. Focus on what really matters, focus on life's only truth, focus on your true mission, focus on what your heart, your purest heart, truly desires, focus on where you'd like to be and what would you really like to become, and focus on where and who you want to end up with.

At least I know, that my life is a misery!

So let's all focus.
Let's all make believe.

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