Saturday, November 10

#145: A message in a bottle

Dear husband,
You’re the one who knows me best, or so I believe. You’re the one who knows my life, how it was, and how I’d like it to be. You’re the one who knows my conditions and situations. You know what I've been through, what I've missed in my life, and what have hurt me the most. You know it all. 
So, now, I deliver you the responsibility of making it all up for me. Everything I've missed in my life, I want you to be it, and make it happen for me. I’m looking highly up at you. And I know, with every piece of my heart, that you will never let me down. You’ll be my father, before you are my husband. You’ll be my brother, before you are my lover. And you’ll be my everything. I depend on you. And I’ll depend more. For I’ll give you my all. And you know how ready I am to do so.
And I’m not afraid. I don’t worry at all. Because I trust you. And before I trust you, I trust God. Because I've prayed to God, to make you the person I want you to be. So no, I’m never afraid. I never worry, as long as you’re by my side. As long as I pray to God to make you the best I can ever have, and make you the one who I’ll end up with in Paradise.
I’m not worried at all.
And if you ever change, don’t worry! For I’ll just pray harder and harder to get you back to me. 
I’m just reminding you of the huge responsibility you have. So please, hold me close and tell me “I’m your everything, I’m your all. You may depend on me.”

Your wife,
with lots of love.


P.S.: I'm not married yet. :) 
So this is a message to my future husband, but only when he becomes my husband, after God's will (In shaa' Allah).

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