Monday, November 12

#146: Stop dying

It's an attitude. And moreover, it's a choice.

You know that saying that when you're a kid, you're dying to graduate from school, and you can't wait when you'll be at college where there is the life you're expecting and dreaming of. Then when you're at college, you're dying to graduate and go beyond life and into your dreams and all the real practical life experiences. Then you graduate and get a job, that you find, after awhile, that it isn't as anything you had ever dreamed of. So you're dying for another opportunity to find the life of your dreams. And another, then another ... You never settle down.
Then you feel that you don't want to end up alone, that the time has come to find a stable relationship that opens the doors of happiness for you. You're dying to get married, until you do. Then you're dying to build a home and a family, a family of your own. You buy a bigger house, you find a better job, you hold the responsibility of raising up your children the way you had always wanted be raised up -- you actually fail. And you become dying to see your children all grown up, each going his own way, having his own dreams, and building up his own family.
And you're dying to witness all the events of life, each at it's time. You're dying to prepare for one event and when you're done, you're dying to prepare the next. And suddenly you look into the mirror, and you think that maybe it's time to prepare for your death. For you are actually dying.

Don't you see?? You are already dying. So no wonder you're wondering when will you have a life.

So, when will you? When will you actually start living and stop dying??!

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