Wednesday, November 21

#148: 5 steps to step out and move on

First step: Admit you're wrong. And accept it.

Second step: Don't ever let someone's nonsense words drag you down. No one should have such a power over you.

Third step: If you want to blame anyone, go ahead. But remember that blaming anyone now won't do you any good. You are already messed up and the problem is all yours now to solve. No one will step up to solve it or even give you a helping hand.

Fourth step: Start over. Forget what you've done before. Even what mistakes you had made and start over, as if nothing ever has happened. This time focus better and just be smarter.

Fifth step: Sleep a good night sleep. Never ever give up that! ;)

P.S: it's always the first step that is the hardest. Just get past it and you'll finaly arrive.

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