Tuesday, November 27

#149: The risk

Sometimes you just go with what your heart tells you. You just forgive everything and let go of the grudges you hold. And you begin trusting again. You believe that you deserve the best there is for you. You decide you'll open a new leaf and start a new beginning. You trust the people who ask you to trust them. You decide you'll believe them. For how can they hurt you more than what you've been through. And how can they hurt you when you have decided to believe in them, and believe in yourself first and how good you are, and most importantly believe in Allah at first and at last.

So you go with your heart and love again, trust again, and feel blessed. And here's the risk you're taking. A leap of faith. Even if there will be no one to catch you. You have faith that you'll fly. And if you didn't, you'll land safely.

Funny how you can make me fall out of love and then back in love with you everytime.

Above all, please remember, I trust you. So please be strong for me.

Today I feel truly loved.

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