Thursday, November 29

#150: A Happy Dream.

Dreams hurt.
When you dream of things that are beyond reality. Dreams are then hurtful.
Don’t tell me nothing is impossible and you can make all dreams come true. Because, well, yes nothing is impossible and all dreams can come true, but some dreams are just unrealistic to an extent that the idea of them coming true would be a dramatic shocking truth.
So, no they won’t easily come true, not even hardly. They just won’t, however how happy they are. And then they leave you helpless, breathless, unable to think or move. And you keep wondering: “Why now? and What does it mean?” Because at the moment you thought you were over it, you stopped thinking about it, and that it wouldn't be a problem to you anymore, you find yourself dreaming of it, thinking of it deep inside the back of your head.
The funny part is that you were so happy in your dream. The kind of happiness you think you truly deserve. Everyone was happy too. It was like something even beyond your wildest dreams.
So you wake up, after all this happiness, and you figure out that nothing of that was real. You figure out that you are just hanging on a runny rope. And nothing ever, how much you dream it or want it, is ever going to be true.
You’re disappointed. And you no longer know what you want, not even what you need. So you’re lost and you just can’t think anymore.
All because of a silly, full of love, beautiful, perfect, happy dream. So yes, dreams hurt!

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