Thursday, January 10

#155: فصبر جميل


I wouldn't have said what I had just said and in this way but for the experiences I have had in life and the lessons I have been taught. See I have evolved, grown up, understood life better, or came to the realization that we should never by any mean oppose our own happiness. That we deserve to think for our own best, even if it hurts our hearts to see people we love are a little confused or in distress.
I sound harsh, right? But I've been through a lot actually to know how wrong it is to sacrifice your own happiness for others. It's not the lack of appreciation or the denial of your gift to them that would hurt you later on. It's your regrets. And regrets were my worst pain. And I would hate seeing you in pain.
We have been told by everyone around us, even by the stories we read and watch, that we should never give our all unless we are sure hundred percent that we were given everything we deserve. Because only then we shall have no regrets. Only then everything would feel right and taste really nice. Even pain and hurt would be okay and beautiful. Because then we will be sure that at the end of the day we won't be alone.
So wait. You never know how close you are to the right moment. Just wait. And every morning when you wake up say a prayer and tell yourself that you are waiting. Waiting for that moment when you can freely let go of all the love that is inside of you and let it rest in the hearts of only those who worked hard to deserve it. It'll come I promise you, even if after hundred years, it'll come, one way or another.
And while you wait, make it worthy. Know that we are not alone.
See you in another story, maybe.

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