Wednesday, January 2

#152: Word #1: Sleep

Well, Ok... This is just another starting writing project I'm committing to. This time I'm supported and encouraged by others. A dear good very supportive friend I've recently gained has suggested to start writing daily. The exercise is to choose one word, a very random word, and try to write a sentence or a group of sentences about it. I'll also take it as a challenge to apply all the things I've recently learned about creative writing. Ah! and the most important thing is that you must deliver your very first draft. And if you ran out of words then it's time to drop your pen, or move your fingers away from the keyboard!

And because I love sharing this with you, so here I will. Off course if you like the idea, then please join me. You also know how your feedback thrills me, so you're totally welcome to leave comments. ;) ...

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. PLAY!

Word #1: Sleep
Sleep isn't a luxury. We are blessed with the ability to sleep. Sleep eases our pains, both physical and emotional. It has been proven that sleep doesn't just preserve our minds and enhances our memories, it also heals our souls from the stressful hectic life we might be living in. Sleep is our own recharging battery. I can't imagine how could we have survived without being granted such a blessing as sleeping, a blessing that's often forgotten. Be thankful if you can have a peaceful sleep at night.

Hope you've enjoyed, stay tuned for word #2.

Have fun, 

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