Thursday, January 3

#153: Word #2: Democracy

It says, in the dictionary, that Democracy is the belief in freedom and equality between people. And belief is being certain that something is true. So, democratic people are people who are sure that freedom and equality are essential together. Period.

Now, that's generally deep. Freedom and Equality. Two words those would take decades to study or even understand. No wonder why people have different thoughts about what democracy is all about. But taking things to its simplest forms, as I see it, freedom is to do anything that comes onto your mind, and equality is that all people have the right to practice freedom equally, that is to say that no one is more free than the other, and no one will take more rights than the other. Then there must be rules, I'm thinking. There must be constraints to this freedom, or else there wouldn't be any equality, or justice.

For example, a very fictional one, if I'm free to eat all the chocolate in the house, and my brother is free to do the same, then there wouldn't be any equality. It would end up as a competition where the one who has the ability to eat more would win. Some would say that's totally democratic, because we both practiced freedom equally with no constraints however the results were. Others would just say that this is not democracy, because at the end the weaker got beaten by and has been taken away from his right to have the chocolate he needed, or wanted. It's a how-you-see-it thing. And it's very frustrating to please everyone.

But maybe the beautiful thing about democracy, that I've just figured out right now, that both freedom and equality complete each other, stand in the way of each other, support each other in times and in others they just constrain the strength of one another, to eventually produce a perfect picture. So, maybe it's true that democracy is a perfect thing, only if practiced perfectly with all its complications and confusions inside of it. Which of course is a very hard equation to apply. Yet I belief, it's worth all the studies it has wasted up till now. Till we one day find true democracy in the world. 

However, you would find many other definitions about democracy if you looked up better than I did, which all would end up to the same concept, I believe, that Freedom is limited by Justice.

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