Friday, January 4

#154: Word #3: Responsbility

She hanged up the phone softly, wore a huge smile on her face, leaned on the nearest wall, and kept imagining how her life would turn upside down. Now that all she had ever dreamed to have and experience would come true. The smile never left her face, it just started to fade away little by little to be replaced by a  look of thoughtfulness and worry. The shadow of responsibility has been zooming around her since the minute she had applied for that job, the job of her dreams. She had always been dreaming of a career that would allow her to travel all around the world, discover new places and new people, and be able to give a hand to everyone who needs help. Working for an international agency was her way to achieve a part of her dreams. And that call she had just received has put her on the first steps towards her fantasy.

Yet being reallocated in Dubai was the scariest thing of all. Being on her own, leaving her family for the very first time of her life, even if it lasts for few months, total independence and responsibility were the most challenging things she could ever face. And despite that she was sure her parents support her and support every choice she makes, she still knew they would be devastated by her absence. They had brought her up to become a responsible independent woman, they empowered her and all her choices ever since she was little, and they made sure, by their very unique ways, that she always takes the right decisions and learns how to make use of her mistakes. They are the reason she became such a dreamer and an achiever.

The responsibility shadow stayed around for some moments more. Had she made the right choice this time? How will she manage living on her own in a strange country? And how her parents would deeply feel about it? Or how will she be able to ease their worries about her when she's away? Only the sound of her mum calling for her was able to bring back a smile on her face and get her back to the present. She ran to her mother's room joyously to recite, in details, the conversation she just had on the phone.

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