Thursday, March 14

#159: A repeated pattern

Exactly like these days last year, the same events were happening. Everything is the same, and it's even fortified now. Will I live my next year exactly like my past? Will I be repeating my life and never moving a step forward? Is that what you think I'll do? After all that has been done and said? Do you really think I'm that dump?! Is that how much you love me???!!

NO, I refuse. I'm a lot stronger than this.

I'm sorry. Not for myself, I don’t regret anything, at all. I feel sorry for you. That you have lost such a great opportunity and a great deal. I am sorry that I have trusted you on my own happiness. I gave it to you totally and you weren't responsible enough to keep it safe. And to my big surprise you do admit your crime. You haven't fought for me.

It hurts. Deeply! That I still love you. I still give you excuses. And I'm still not mad at you for anything. As a matter of fact I appreciate everything you did for me. I appreciate and respect you. And I still trust and believe in the goodness inside of you.

You'll forever be in the back of my head. Unless for any reason I lose my memory.

I wish you happiness.

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