Wednesday, March 13

#158: في غمضة عين

I stood on an edge. I thought I would fly. And in a blink I found myself dead on a ground.

They say expectations is the root of all heart ache. It's true you know. When disappointments are all you are left with, will there be anything left to say?!

You have thrown me so many times before. And this time you've thrown yourself with me too. We're both dead now.

I don't blame you. Never will I. I've trusted you all my life and that won't change now. Because I have faith, huge faith, that Allah gives me the best of the best and there will be so many beautiful things waiting for me. I have faith that Allah's mercy is a lot bigger than any blocks falling on my head.

And I understand how it's hard for you too. I appreciate all the things you did for me and all the dreams you dreamed. But as far as it comes to us, we'll never be each other's. Not even in our dreams, not anymore. I never wanted to give up on us that easily, but it seems like it's the only thing you know how to do well. You don't fight right. You don't fight strong. And I'm sorry, but it isn't how you expect it. It's hard, real hard fight, where the winner is the last man standing.

And the happy song I planned to sing turned out to be my silent cry.

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