Friday, April 5

#166: Step outside

There are a lot more in life than the box we're limiting ourselves to it. There are a lot more to see, to taste, and to experince. Life isn't just the room you're locked inside it. And you have no idea how much opportunities you're missing.

So here you have the choice; either you watch life through the glass of your room as it passes you by or you step outside and actually live your life as wild as your dreams and imaginations can take you.

And as I get to see the world outside of me, I get amazed by how beautiful it is. How beautiful people or things could actually be. I am amazed. And now that I know that my wild dreams can easily come true, I won't give up and I won't ever accept anything less than that, anything that is less than my worth and my standards.

Even if you're the last man on earth, I'd still say No.

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