Saturday, June 1

#172: What's wrong with you people?

I need to scream "What's wrong with you people??" Why is it that everyone is so immersed in their own lives and their own problems that they can't even think what others may be feeling or even thinking? Why is it that life has become so tough on everyone that no one now has the time to communicate properly with the people around them, even the closest to them, their family and their friends. I bet anyone can now recall one true and real friend. A friend who has been always there, in the good and in the bad. A friend who gives as much as he takes. I'm talking here about a profound, true, and healthy friendship. A friendship that could last forever.

We've lost a lot of values and a lot of principles along the way.  People no longer care for those little things that make life a better, more beautiful place. Those little words and acts of kindness and compassion. I miss such a wonderful world, that deep down I do believe it still exists.

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