Friday, August 23

#178: Trapped

I feel trapped again. Trapped into a net of an illusion, a mirage in this deserted heart. And I just can’t stop thinking how much I haven’t changed a bit.
Now, I’m in love with a nickname that I used to hate anyone calling me with. I seek the moment when I get to hear it. And if I don’t hear it, I’d become devastated. Because I know there’s only one who I’ll respond to if I've ever been called with that particular name.
I see a fine man. A man of honors, dignity, and modesty. I see how beautiful his feelings are towards everyone around, how his mind is alert and thoughtful. My respect and admiration to him increases each time I get to meet him. Yet he’s not the one I need to stick around. He’s not the one whose voice rings in my ears before I sleep at night.
This keeps me wondering. Could you ever love someone you don’t like? And could it ever happen that you like someone who you don’t love??

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