Thursday, October 3

#181: I don’t feel hungry anymore!

I’m starting over. Starting fresh and new, just the way I like it. And not just that! My dream is actually coming true. Everything I ever wanted, or even just thought or dreamed of, is becoming a reality.
But hey, it’s not all pinky and easy. My dream is achieved with Allah’s, the most generous and the most merciful, blessings. Alhamdulillah. However, the dream must be maintained, and that’s by the hardest and most passionate work I could ever do. It’s a huge responsibility. Blessings, however, always come with responsibilities, that indeed I’m totally, inshaa’Allah, ready to take them effortlessly.
I’m happy. Stressed, yet happy. I don’t feel hungry anymore! And I’m learning. I won’t stop.
So I need to remember this. I need to sustain this fire within me.
Remind me if I ever forget! :)

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