Monday, December 2

#184: على هامش الحياة

Since it’s my only way to let it go, my only way to breathe, I’ll have to write it down, for you. So, be prepared to know one of my deepest secrets, which, I believe, is your deepest secret too. We are all one, aren’t we?!

I wish for someone, a life companion, and a true friend. Someone who’s here beside me whenever I’m in need or having a hard time accepting life. Someone who will surprise me every now and then, and gives me random visits just because that would make us both happy. Someone who I could give all of my caring and love to. Someone who listens to me, cries for me, and secretly prays for me.
I know I might already be blessed with that person in my life, but I’m not yet aware. That would be my mistake; please pray for me.
I also know that maybe Allah hasn't granted me that person yet because I don’t deserve being the center of someone else’s life. Or maybe Allah is telling me that such a person doesn't exist in this life. Or I’m just being taught again and again that that person is me, myself, the one I haven’t yet found.
And maybe I’ll live and die and never be granted such a blessing because I have others. I know that in the end I’ll take my whole share. I’ll have fulfilled my destiny. I don’t really care, as long as I have my trust and faith in Allah, and only Allah.
I just wish for a surprise. Nothing more. A happy one please.
Life is getting harder every day, and I’m getting overwhelmed by the thought of dying more than ever.
يا الله تولانا برحمتك و أحيينا ما دامت الحياة خير لنا وتوفنا إذا كانت الوفاة خير لنا. ما عندك يا الله خير و أبقى فارزقنا نعيم الآخرة وحلاوة الأنس بقربك في الدنيا.

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