Thursday, January 9

#187: Attachments

You know you are attached to something when your heart aches as you watch it leaving, like it’s taking your soul with it.
We are attaching creatures. We like to get attached to things, to people, to ideas, to the past, or to the hope of the future. We can’t live without being attached to something. This is our nature; our humanity.
This attachment comes with its consequences. It isn’t priceless, you know! And its price is your soul; your life. When you are forced to detach, you die. Not until you find something else to get attched to that your life comes back.
Unless, and only if, you get attached to the One who never leaves, the One who never ends, the past, the present, the future, the whole universe and beyond; the creator of life and death.
Be careful what you are attached to and save your soul all this endless heartbreak.

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