Sunday, July 27

#198: An Imaginary Conversation

- No one can draw a smile on my face and make it last for too long like he does. That's why I'm marrying him.
- And no one can make you cry like him!!
-Yes, that is true. But that is how it works; the one who makes you laugh deep from your heart is the same one who makes you cry deep from your heart.
- And after all that happened, after all that he did, will you trust him again?! What will you do when he hurts your heart again?!
- First of all, that's a lame thought. Why do you insist on predicting the worse? Why don't you just wish me luck and hope the best for me?! Secondly, let's assume it happens and he hurts me again. I don’t think I would mind it then. Because when it happens, I would have lived the time of my life with him. I would have tasted the happiness I'm destined to taste in this life. And I would not regret it. On the contrary, I'm sure I will regret not marrying him one day. Please support me. That's what friends are for, aren't they?!
- God bless you, dear. You just deserve so much happiness. I only want to see you happy. If he makes you happy, then marry him.
- Yes, I will. Insha'Allah!  :)