Friday, June 5

#208: Nonsense

So, I have been looking for you these last days. And I am on the edge. Fortunately, I didn't find you. Because I know you are not the one I should find. 
But I feel desperate! Looks like all the doors that I can enter to run away from you are closed. I keep searching for their keys, but I am just not meant to find them. Maybe it takes time, and I can't wait any longer.
I don't know for how long can I stay stuck. When can I break free from this maze. When can I finally feel enough. I'm not satisfied with myself. And it doesn't matter how much I know that I can change, I don't change. And it is taking forever. I'm just too selfish and greedy. I know! I'm lazy too! And I'm inconsiderate. I'm spoiled!
And lately I don't feel open to talk to anyone as I used to be. And I know I shouldn't post this. Probably I won't. But then again, what difference would it make. Nothing at all, nothing as usual.

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