Friday, August 7

#212: SOS

What can I say!
I'd rather live inside my fantasias, than in my real world. I would like to stay asleep for the rest of my life, maybe. Life is just getting more boring to live than ever.

I need help! I know I do. I know there is something wrong with me, and I know how to get it right! Still I do not take any actions. I reached a point where I can't help myself anymore. I need an external force to save me, maybe. I must overcome my ego and shout for help. It is just that I still don't believe that my case is bad, but it is getting worse everyday! I should ask for help! 

So, here I am sending a message to the void, hoping someone has enough courage to break my walls of ego, and offer me the help I need, without thinking of anything in return.

I'm still dreaming. Right?!!

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