Sunday, October 25

#215: I'm Blind

There has been times when I loved you, and others when I hated you. So, seriously, I can't tell which is true.
I also can't tell if your presence in my life is a positive or a negative thing. Because in a way, no one can support me like you do, and in another way, no one can hurt me like you do. 
I do know that your presence in my life can never be permanent, but tell me, what is in life that is permanent?! Can I be just deceiving myself? But, then again, why can't it be as simple as it is. You are here today, so I'll enjoy that, and when you won't be here tomorrow, I'll live with it. Although I might live in pain, I'll just keep hoping that it will be worthy.
I believe I have lost my mind, and my heart. I believe I have lost myself. But, I am never desperate of finding myself again. I'm such a blind person!

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