Tuesday, August 2

#224: Affirmations

I want to write.
I want to write how useless I feel, how insecure, how sad, how fearful, how uncertain, how disappointed, how desperate, how furious, and how angry I am. I want to let it all out. I want these feelings to get resolved, once and for all. I don't want to feel this negativity ever again. 

Yes, I blame you for all of this. I blame you for messing up my life. But, I am confidently taking the full responsibility of fixing myself. I know I am better than you. I am better than my current self. I am better than what I think I am. I just need to see it clearly.

I need to remove that fog you have created trying to take over my feelings. I am sorry I unconsciously gave you such a power. I am sorry I loved you. And I am trying as hell to accept this mistake I made by loving you more than myself. I can't help forgiving myself at the current state, but I am working on it. I am working on it. And I will never ever again give up on myself. I am a lot better. Better than what you think, better than what I think, and even better than whatever and whoever thinks.

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Unknown said...

Wow. Chapeau! This realization alone is half way through out of this mess. No one is worth waiting for or crying for. And, Yes, whether you really believe it or not, You Are Better. :)