Monday, January 2

#225: I Have Cleared the Fog

It has been a while since I have last written something over here. But, I have been working on myself.
I have hit the rock bottom, and I came back up as quickly as I can ever do.
Lots of things happened in the past four months. I have been empowered by knowledge, people, love, and friendship. I can finally say that I have succeeded. I promised myself to become better, and I did. I promised myself to forgive her, and I did. And now, me and myself are just invincible. I have cleared the fog. I have made it through my hardships. I have become a totally different person, a totally even better person. Believe it or not, I am currently my best version of myself. This does not mean that there aren't any better, because I am quite sure that I will become a lot better. I am just starting my journey to the top. And whenever I reach a top, I believe there will be another top that I cannot see at the moment.
I came to accept myself, with all its beauties and flaws. I came to understand that my positives are a lot more than my negatives. I came to embrace my drawbacks, because they complete me. I came to understand that mistakes are not actually mistakes, because you do them with sincerity. I came to believe that I am just perfect the way I am and whatever I do. I came to realize that the down moments are there to teach me something. I came to believe that life is worth living.

Can you even imagine that it is me who is writing these positive words?! I thought there was no way out for me. I thought I will be forever dragged into the darkness. I thought no one would held me a hand to help me. Actually, nobody gave me their hand until I have actually asked for it. And I had to ask for it fiercely. Otherwise, I would have just stayed where I was. Simply, it is totally against my perfect soul and pure nature to dwell into the negative. That is why I could not just stay still, and I didn't stop until I climbed all the way up to the peak I have reached now.

Guess what, should I rest?! Never. Because the moment I stop moving is exactly the moment I would roll back down to the lowest point. I will keep climbing up, in my own pace and with my own footsteps.

I will be as honest with you as I am with myself. I fear the moment I'll have to step some steps down. I fear its effect on me. Yet, I am ready for it when it comes, and I will just dance with it. That is another promise to myself that I am sure that I will keep.

May you find your true happiness and peace of mind. May you find love in every place you go. May you always know your worth.

Wish me Allah's blessings. 💗

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