Sunday, December 31

#235: The Concert

Things haven’t been so good between them lately. They don’t talk much to each other, and if they did, they don’t actually listen; that’s how they pass their days, silently!
One day, as she were at work, her phone rang. It was him. She isn’t used to the idea of him calling her in the middle of the day. She answered, terrified that maybe something bad has happened.

- “Hey..”
- “Hey .... My friend has two tickets for a concert next Thursday, would you like to go?!
- “Yeah, sure.. Why not!”
- “Okay, then. I’ll take them.”

A less-than-one-minute call.

She knew he was trying his best to please her, so she didn’t like to disappoint him. She thought this was a good chance they could actually spend some time together. She decided to go, regardless what kind of concerts it was. She didn’t care to ask!

Mutely, as they normally do, they dressed up and went to attend this so-called concert. But it was nothing that he loved. It was quite boring for him. He knew she likes ballet concerts, or so he thought! He wanted to show her that he likes to share her interests. He wanted to make her know that he cares. But, he couldn’t. It was such a burden.

“So, it’s ballet! Okay, not that I expected, and not that I knew about before. He likes ballet?! It’s not quite my favorite, but I’ll manage to enjoy my time. For him.” she thought.

He left the hall many times, so she doesn’t sense his boredom. And every time, she wondered what was taking him so long away. She just didn’t have the guts to ask him. She stopped being clingy long ago.

“Did you like the show?” He asked.
“Yeah, it was nice!” She answered.

Before they go to bed, they smiled to each other, each thinking that the other enjoyed the night, but none was actually pleased. Just another trial, another lie.

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