The start

One can't live without having what's worth living for.

Everyday is a day to remember, to learn, to enjoy, to live and so to dream...

As one tale ends so another begins. And as each day is a new tale to be told, each day is a day to learn and know more, each day is a day to dream and hope; then each day deserves to be written.

And I'll commit to writing everyday. I'll commit to what's worth living for. Let's call it a project that I'll be working on and you're helping me. Let's say I'll be writing my next whole year, everyday over here.

And together we'll help and support, we'll learn and know, we'll inspire and change, we'll share thoughts and insights and we'll face life with a smile even when it keeps frowning.

May you always be blessed, pleased and enjoying my everyday little daydreams.

  • "Don't read too deeply into the things I say. You might drown." ~ From I wrote this for you
    Don't judge everything you read, don't try to understand too much. Just get the words, feel them and if you felt they are talking to you, then they are for you.

  • If I missed a day, then kindly alert me.

  • If you have a story to share with me, then I'll be glad if you left a comment.

  • If you liked any of my daydreams, then kindly share and spread. :)

  • Enjoy your time over here.